9 06, 2016

Finishing Well


My husband and I formed a culture of thanksgiving in our home. Every night before bed, we ask three questions in reflection of our day: What was your high? What was your low? And, what are you thankful for? This practice has often put life in perspective, especially in tough [...]

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2 06, 2016

The Man in the Arena


One of the most notable gifts my dad gave to me as a child was the curiosity for books. He would travel a lot and after every visit abroad, would bring back books upon books. I fondly remember watching him unpack his bags, waiting excitedly for him to unveil the [...]

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26 05, 2016

A Word in Season


The bible is replete with verses that show the Father’s desire to speak to us and make His intentions known (1st Corinthians 2:9-10). It is both a privilege and truly our heritage as sons and daughters to tap into the different seasons of God. Hearing God has often been viewed [...]

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19 05, 2016

Do it afraid- An interview with Alice Kimanzi


Called to worship is a segment on my blog that highlights the lives and ministries of worship leaders who are making an impact in Kenya, Africa and beyond. The idea is to interact with worship leaders whose faith and stories inspire us to be better ministers. Here is my interview [...]

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12 05, 2016

Evolution: The 5 stages of a worship team


A few years back, I was tasked with starting a worship team with the aim of developing leaders and musical skill. This was my very first attempt at leading a group from which I learned valuable lessons that continue to inform my leadership philosophy. Being an emerging leader, I did [...]

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28 04, 2016

In His Garden


As a believer, I am learning to tune in to the voice of the Lord, especially in the dull and ordinary everyday moments of life; resisting to buy-in to the perception that God only speaks to us at particular times or in specific settings. I am of the school of [...]

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21 04, 2016

When God says wait


Patience has not always been my strongest character trait. It’s no wonder that the Lord has allowed me long moments of waiting so as to grow this particular area in my life. It has been mostly tested in the mundane and everyday moments; when I’m in a que waiting for [...]

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14 04, 2016

3 channels for social change


I was recently commissioned to write a scholarly paper for an upcoming book on the arts and leadership. My main protagonist happens to be a very vocal and passionate individual who is both loved and hated in equal measure. Nevertheless, he has managed to champion for the rights of the [...]

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7 04, 2016

Running the race


This week guest blogger James Kamau, gives us his take on what it means to be a worship leader, running the race amidst earthly distractions... “I have been thinking of quitting the ministry. I just realize that I don’t have the character to sustain the ministry and I feel like [...]

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