About nitahungu

Nita Hungu is a worship leader from Nairobi, Kenya and is a burgeoning singer-songwriter and recording artist for Hue Entertainment. In 2014 Nita Hungu completed a Masters in Organizational Leadership, in the process developing a curriculum, Music in Leadership Development, from which she trains worship teams and institutions of higher learning. She has spent several years as a worship team trainer, singer and background vocalist for many ministries in Kenya and Eastern Africa. Nita has a heart to see the young and old develop deep lifestyles of prophetic worship, prayer and consistent learning. She lives in Nairobi, Kenya with her husband Mondia.

What’s Your Wound Gift?

Social justice is one of my gifts and I have seen it play out strongly over the years through community projects and startups. I hate to admit it, but I am an idealist by nature. I envision a world with no war, disease or pain. A world where sustainable energy [...]

Three truths that could set you free

God is not limited in His expression of love and how He communicates with his children. He is eager to speak to us while we go through the normal routines and seasons of life. As His children, we should be open to whatever means by which He chooses to speak [...]

Seven lessons I learned from leading worship teams

My very first experience while leading a team was a steep learning curve and it was not exempt from extreme highs and lows. Sometimes it felt like I was merely fumbling through while trying to keep the team afloat. On numerous occasions, I was tempted to quit but what sustained [...]

The Father’s Heart

One of my favorite classes while doing my graduate studies was typologies of culture. One proponent, Hofstede, theorized that collectivistic societies, like those found in Africa, use high-context communication. A high-context communication is one in which little has to be said or written because most of the information is supposed [...]

Say Yes to the Groom

Generally speaking, I do not like weddings. In fact, weddings give me anxiety. By African standards my wedding ceremony was short- two hours and straight to the point. Don’t get me wrong, like every other girl, I grew up reading fairy tales which impressed upon me the idea of a [...]


I recently heard about the tragic loss of a young, beautiful woman, barely in her thirties. The sorrow was compounded by the fact that this girl committed suicide. From the look of things, she was a well-adjusted and normal young adult with dreams and hopes for a future. However, it [...]

Reflections of a social entrepreneur

Four weeks ago I engaged a group of passionate, self-driven and world-changing young adults in an online course titled: Introduction to moral imagination and challenges in poverty alleviation. This course is being offered by Acumen Fund, an organization that tackles the way poverty is viewed and alleviated. As the course [...]

The “F” Word

I recently read a very interesting article by BBC on the importance of failure. It sounds like an oxymoron; how can failure in any way be good for anything? The premise of the article was that occasional failure has informative benefits that individuals can harness. I know this sounds cliché [...]

Live Out Loud

Yesterday I had the privilege of being an opening act at the Live Life Loud gig and experiencing the presence of God in an unconventional way- hip hop. It was amazing to hear the sounds of Sho Baraka and S.O the Kid and watch live what I had heard on [...]