About nitahungu

Nita Hungu is a worship leader from Nairobi, Kenya and is a burgeoning singer-songwriter and recording artist for Hue Entertainment. In 2014 Nita Hungu completed a Masters in Organizational Leadership, in the process developing a curriculum, Music in Leadership Development, from which she trains worship teams and institutions of higher learning. She has spent several years as a worship team trainer, singer and background vocalist for many ministries in Kenya and Eastern Africa. Nita has a heart to see the young and old develop deep lifestyles of prophetic worship, prayer and consistent learning. She lives in Nairobi, Kenya with her husband Mondia.

In His Garden

As a believer, I am learning to tune in to the voice of the Lord, especially in the dull and ordinary everyday moments of life; resisting to buy-in to the perception that God only speaks to us at particular times or in specific settings. I am of the school of [...]

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When God says wait

Patience has not always been my strongest character trait. It’s no wonder that the Lord has allowed me long moments of waiting so as to grow this particular area in my life. It has been mostly tested in the mundane and everyday moments; when I’m in a que waiting for [...]

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3 channels for social change

I was recently commissioned to write a scholarly paper for an upcoming book on the arts and leadership. My main protagonist happens to be a very vocal and passionate individual who is both loved and hated in equal measure. Nevertheless, he has managed to champion for the rights of the [...]

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Running the race

This week guest blogger James Kamau, gives us his take on what it means to be a worship leader, running the race amidst earthly distractions... “I have been thinking of quitting the ministry. I just realize that I don’t have the character to sustain the ministry and I feel like [...]

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The 3 phases of a creative

Did you know that human fleas, during the 19th and 20th century were used in circuses in Germany and England? The fleas would be rigged to miniature objects such as chariots, to perform feats of strength due to their ability to jump high. While fleas have no propensity for learning, the [...]

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3 Types of Song Lyrics to consider when planning a service

  Last week on my blog, I reflected on two reasons why a worship leader should have a solid theological foundation. The article did not prescribe the type of music to use due to the fact that different churches have different music preferences and styles. From ages past, music wars [...]

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