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Nita Hungu is a worship leader from Nairobi, Kenya and is a burgeoning singer-songwriter and recording artist for Hue Entertainment. In 2014 Nita Hungu completed a Masters in Organizational Leadership, in the process developing a curriculum, Music in Leadership Development, from which she trains worship teams and institutions of higher learning. She has spent several years as a worship team trainer, singer and background vocalist for many ministries in Kenya and Eastern Africa. Nita has a heart to see the young and old develop deep lifestyles of prophetic worship, prayer and consistent learning. She lives in Nairobi, Kenya with her husband Mondia.

In the shadow of His wings

Chickens are by far one of the most protective birds when it comes to their young. It is said that hens are so protective of their chicks that they will take on predators larger than themselves, in a bid to safeguard their young. They are also known to puff up [...]

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Building Teams

As far back as I can remember, I have either started a group or been part of the initial stages of a venture. I have learnt invaluable lessons that have informed my leadership philosophy. All of which you can read here and here. Building teams is not an easy task [...]

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Taking the Plunge

  In previous posts, I talk extensively about the importance of collaboration. This year, God has been teaching me how critical it is for believers to align themselves to specific mentors, leaders or organizations, in order to build momentum, leading to kingdom advancement. I believe that mentoring can open boundless [...]

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When God Sang

Last year I taught a course at Daystar University- Music and worship in the church. For one of the classes, I had a visiting lecturer teach the students about African music. In talking about the diversity and richness of African music, she used an example from her community- Dholuo, to [...]

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Finishing Well

My husband and I formed a culture of thanksgiving in our home. Every night before bed, we ask three questions in reflection of our day: What was your high? What was your low? And, what are you thankful for? This practice has often put life in perspective, especially in tough [...]

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The Man in the Arena

One of the most notable gifts my dad gave to me as a child was the curiosity for books. He would travel a lot and after every visit abroad, would bring back books upon books. I fondly remember watching him unpack his bags, waiting excitedly for him to unveil the [...]

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A Word in Season

The bible is replete with verses that show the Father’s desire to speak to us and make His intentions known (1st Corinthians 2:9-10). It is both a privilege and truly our heritage as sons and daughters to tap into the different seasons of God. Hearing God has often been viewed [...]

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