The Lord will not reject his people;

he will not abandon his very own possession.

{Psalm 94:14}

Rejection, whether done subtly or overtly, can sting or have devastating effects on a human being. God created us with a deep internal need for intimacy, love, and acceptance. Our souls thrive when we are seen and loved by those who matter most to us. But when we are rejected, the best parts of us may shrivel up. We may begin to hide our true selves from a world that is in desperate need for us to show up the way God created us to be.

If you have felt deeply rejected here are some ways to begin to move towards health.

1. Process the pain with God

The one who created you, knows you, sees you and is deeply invested in your life.

God can heal the sting and wounds caused by rejection. Though the memories from the rejection may linger, in him, we do not remain the same. We can receive healing from a God who knows exactly what it feels like to be rejected! When we run to God with our hurts, we are acknowledging the damage that the rejection has caused, but we are also beginning the process of letting go.

2.  Forgive

Unforgiveness negatively impacts our relationships, our wellbeing, and our health. Research has found that unforgiveness keeps our brains on high alert by releasing the stress hormone cortisol into our bodies even when there is no threat. While cortisol is important in moments of danger, allowing us to fight, flee or freeze, the constant release of this hormone is unhealthy, causing anxiety, depression, heart disease, memory impairment, digestive problems and other health complications.

When we forgive, we are acknowledging that something hurt us, but we are also resolving not to let that thing take hold of our lives anymore. Forgiving someone does not mean that what they did was fair or good, but it is refusing the negative experience to hold you captive any longer. Read more here

3. Know your worth

Who do you say you are? Who does God say you are?

When you attach your worth to the words of human beings, you will constantly try to seek their approval. And even when you try, you will fail, because human beings are fickle. Shift your attention from what people have to say about you, to what God is saying. He loves you, wants you, affirms you and does not reject you. Ultimately, our approval and affirmation should come from God our Father who does not change his love for us depending on how well we perform.

4. Keep showing up

The people you love may have rejected you, and it may take some time to move past the hurt. Sometimes we fail to understand that to some people we may not be good enough, but to others, we are a blessing.  God will send you friends that will allow you to be yourself, who will receive the whole of you- good and bad. Keep showing up and allowing yourself to be loved and cared for, even when others may not accept you.


If you have felt the sting of rejection, God’s healing is available to you today. If that is you, would you make this prayer with me?

Lord, thank you for receiving me. In you, I am fully known and fully accepted. I thank you that you understand the sting of rejection because you too were rejected. Thank you, Lord, that it gives you good pleasure to heal my heart. Lord, I forgive those who have hurt me {I urge you to say their names as you pray this line}. Would you begin to show me my worth and allow me to live free from the burden of rejection and unforgiveness? In Jesus name, amen!

Next steps: If you made this prayer and need further support, I would like to hear from you. Please leave a comment and I will get back to you.