“Our doubts are traitors.
And make us lose the good we oft might win,
by fearing to attempt.”

–William Shakespeare in Measure for Measure

Everyone struggles with bouts of self-doubt. And if left unchecked it can rob us of great opportunities for growth. Self-doubt can mask itself as perfectionism or humility. This means that we may have a strong desire to present a perfect work of art, unaware that the real driver behind our great need for perfectionism is self-doubt. Also, someone may assume a position of humility by saying that they do not want to ‘brag’ about their art, unaware that self-doubt is the underlying driver.


Poor Self-Image

At one point or another, you will ask yourself the question “Who am I?” Behind this question is the idea of identity and if it is not answered sufficiently you may tend to undervalue your worth. Our identities are formed in our families of origin. Family impacts how we view ourselves and the things that we believe about our worth, talents, and capabilities.


God has not called you to fit in, but to stand out. You are a unique human being, with value and worth. You were created uniquely to solve a problem, bring hope to the world, lead with courage, and imagine and execute ideas that glorify God. Therefore, your ideas, talents, and capabilities can never be like those of another. There is someone out there who needs what you have to offer.

Negative self-talk

Negative self-talk is an inner dialogue that limits your abilities and confidence. Depending on several factors, such as your personality, negative self-talk may be crippling in some people more than others.



  • If you struggle with a poor self-image, realize that only God can deeply affirm your worth. You may need to forgive your family of origin for contributing to your poor self-image. It is critical for you to actively challenge the messages, narratives, and labels that have been placed on you. Secondly, find your tribe. These are people who draw out your value and challenge you to be a better human being.
  • If you struggle with comparisons, realize that you are one in 7.8 billion. You have something special to give and if you do not know one will.
  • If you struggle with negative self-talk, it is time to challenge that inner critic. I offer some helpful tools in a webinar coming soon.