Yesterday I had the privilege of being an opening act at the Live Life Loud gig and experiencing the presence of God in an unconventional way- hip hop. It was amazing to hear the sounds of Sho Baraka and S.O the Kid and watch live what I had heard on audio before. The crowd was electrified and it was clear that these were truly hip-hop heads by the way they answered effortlessly to every phrase; it was an experience.

Sho Baraka performing at the live life loud concert

Sho Baraka performing at the live life loud concert

Picture of S.O The Kid performing at the live life loud concert

S.O The Kid performing

My take home for the evening was a charge from both musicians to take the gospel wherever God had placed us; preaching the gospel is not only the preserve of pastors and evangelists. I was challenged and inspired to use what gifts God has placed in me to boldly proclaim the love of Christ to the world around me.

As gospel musicians, it is easy to lose our identity as ministers and trade it off for acclamation, lights, money, power and the like. In that concert, God reminded me that no matter what the style of music, we are to minister and this should be evidenced by lives changing. This means that God is looking for vessels he can use despite the genre of music. I am reminded of the question God asked Moses: What’s that you have in your hand? God continues to ask that question today. I for one have chosen to answer to that call. It may seem like a drop in the ocean, but the reason why the ocean has waves is because of those tiny drops that relentlessly bit against its mass!

Will you join me, in touching heaven and changing earth?